Haiden Shares New Single ‘Flight Attendant’

Rising alt-pop crooner Haiden has just shared his brand new single Fight Attendant, a deeply emotional, heartfelt ballad serving as the closing chapter to the relationship that inspired his 2022 debut EP Good Grief!
His first release of 2023, Flight Attendant is a song about the need to preserve what made one's relationship truly worth being in, a relatable message that is flawlessly conveyed through Haiden's gorgeous vocals packed with honest, raw emotion. I am definitely in love with the tone of his voice and how the emotion of his storytelling is enhanced by the intricate acoustic guitar strums which are then paired with a punchy, heartbeat-like rhythm that makes it even more of a memorable and enthralling listening experience.  
Flight Attendant is a gorgeous alt-pop song with stunning vocals and raw emotion, perfect for those reflective days home alone. I'll definitely have this emotional gem on repeat for the coming weeks! Check it out below!



Haiden says on the track, 
Narratively, this song is the closing chapter to the relationship that inspired my first EP and for that reason, I initially wanted it to be a bonus track for the project. As I sat with it though, it became clear that ‘flight attendant’ is of an entirely different tone. Underneath the song’s callus, is a deep need to preserve what made my relationship worth being in. To preserve what made my partner worth falling for. This song is the catalyst for my next era, which focuses more on my personal struggles with trust and intimacy, while also maturing in imagery, concept, and tone.