Gian Varela x Damon Sharpe Share New Single ‘Faces’ ft. Matluck

Time to dance! Panamanian producer Gian Varela has teamed up with Damon Sharpe to deliver Faces, a high-energy, groovy House-Pop release out now via Laidback Luke's Mixmash Records. 
For this song, the talented producers teamed up with singer-songwriter Matluck, whose stirring vocals add an emotive complexity to the song making this track perfect to listen at home but also in the club. Faces is a soulful, progressive house track that showcases each of the artists' unique style and talent. Varela's Panama roots and US upbringing lend some Latin, urban and pop inspiration to his music, which is subtly weaved into the cinematic melodies and deep, groovy basslines of Faces, while Sharpe's sophisticated production skills give the record that perfect polish. This is one of those songs that instantly get me longing for a fun weekend out in the sun with no cares in the world. Check it out below!


Speaking about the song, Gian Varela said, 
'Faces,' is one of the deepest records I've ever made. It's a metaphor for how artists and people nowadays can get caught up in being people they're not without even realizing it. But there's a beauty and a solemn feeling of catching this moment where you evolve, and this is what 'Faces' for us is! Then instrumentally speaking, Damon & I merged our styles together with that LA/USA feeling and certain Brazilian bass/Latin percussions to make a unique groove to the instrumental side of the track.