Garrett Kato Shares New Single ‘Losing Touch’

Canadian-born, Australia-based singer, songwriter and producer Garrett Kato has just shared his brand new single Losing Touch, a heartfelt song about losing touch with yourself. 
Out now via Nettwerk Music, Losing Touch finds Garrett Kato beautifully showcasing his gorgeous, expressive vocals and storytelling abilities over a layered ethereal string sample above an understated beat, subtle piano keys and lightly strummed guitar. As the title implies, Losing Touch is a relatable song about reevaluating things and realising that at times you're losing touch with who you are, but this realisation can also mean you're learning more about who you are. The whole atmosphere of the song is quite warm and soothing with the infectious melodies and hook making it perfect to sing along to during those laid-back days home alone with our thoughts. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Garrett Kato said, 
It was about losing touch with myself. When you hit different ages in life, you reevaluate things. You think, ‘What’s this all about now? Am I not who I used to be?’ It’s a bit dark, but losing touch with yourself could also mean you’re learning more about who you are since you’re discovering new things.