Faye Fantarrow Shares New Single ‘AWOL’

British singer-songwriter Faye Fantarrow has just shared her brand new single AWOL, a gorgeous blend of folk and alt-pop elements out now on Dave Stewart's Bay Street Records. 
I am loving Faye's gorgeous vocals which are packed with soul and emotion, gliding beautifully over the polished production that features a strummed guitar and a memorable, thumping rhythm. AWOL showcases Fantarrow’s eclectic folk and rhythm and blues influences, with a sound that is entirely modern with vintage undertones. This is definitely an enthralling listening experience which I think you will love as much as I am. AWOL is the title track of Faye's upcoming EP which will arrive on February 10th!



Speaking about the song, Faye Fantarrow said, 
Life very rarely goes to plan but the plan was always to write, sing and perform and I’ve been lucky to be able to do that. AWOL is the title track from my forthcoming EP which I am so proud of and the fantastic opportunity I was given to work and record with Dave Stewart will be forever special to me.

Stewart, who discovered the 20-year-old star and has supported her as an artist, producer co writer and friend, says: 
Faye Fantarrow is a rare jewel from the North East. She’s from Sunderland, a city with a big heart, and there’s no bigger heart than Faye's - as a songwriter and performer she tells stories to make you explode with joy or weep along with her at the trichotomy of the human spirit. Faye is one of a kind and I love her dearly as a sister, a daughter, and a great music partner. We had an unbelievable time together while recording this EP. Both in search of musical freedoms, two souls laughing constantly at the joy of creativity. I love Faye Fantarrow.