Dustin Paul Shares Heartfelt New Single ‘If Only You’d Love Yourself’

American singer and songwriter Dustin Paul has just shared his brand new single If Only You'd Love Yourself, a heartfelt alt-pop song out now via DP Records. 

If Only You'd Love Yourself is the result of a partnership with ADAA (anxiety and depression association of America) as it finds the talented artist sharing a self-love message, showing how important it is to focus on ourselves, to realise that we shouldn't be too hard on ourselves and to learn to love ourselves first. 

This is a powerful song that explores mental health issues such as anxiety and depression, something Dustin Paul has also struggled with. It's a song that shows many of us are going through the same pain. This powerful, heartfelt message is beautifully delivered through Dustin Paul's stunning, expressive vocals which are accompanied by emotive piano-based melodies that create an overall warm, comforting atmosphere. 

The official music video, directed by Darpino Media, shows people holding signs that share what they are going through, messages that definitely enhance the emotion of the video and really struck a chord with me. Check it out below! 


Speaking about the song and video, Dustin Paul said, 

The song is an exploration of mental health, my own and anyone else’s. The video features everyday people holding placards that say things like: ‘Sometimes I feel worthless’ or ‘I’m always anxious’ or ‘I have too much rage’. They’re things we think and feel but don’t always express because of social norms and expectations. We come across these people every day and don’t even realize the pain they are in.
The lyrics are meant to be hopeful, inspiring and uplifting. And I realize how the concept of the song – if only we’d love ourselves things would be great – is kind of ridiculous but at the same time it’s a true, simple statement that I believe resonates with everyone.