Dustin McKamie Shares New Single ‘The Sweetest Kind’

Los Angeles-based visual artist, singer and songwriter Dustin McKamie has just shared his brand new single The Sweetest Kind, an upbeat love song perfect for Valentine's Day. 
Dustin's work as a visual effects artist can be seen on hit TV shows like Picard, Games of Thrones, and The Walking Dead (to name a few), but he's also a gifted singer-songwriter and The Sweetest Kind is the perfect example of such skills. I am really enjoying the infectious energy of this song and how it instantly got me in a good mood. Dustin McKamie's lush, passionate vocals are beautifully accompanied by intricate acoustic guitars, steady drum patterns and cool rhythms that together create an overall upbeat, anthemic atmosphere. The Sweetest Kind is a blissful blend of americana, indie pop and folk elements perfect for a special day with your special someone. Check it out below!