Courtney Paige Nelson Shares New Single ‘1-800-broke-my-heart’

Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter Courtney Paige Nelson has just shared her brand new single 1-800-broke-my-heart, an emotionally-charged piece of alt/electro-pop music. 
1-800-broke-my-heart is a relatable breakup anthem that finds Courtney Paige Nelson pouring her heart out, showing a vulnerable side that most of us can relate to. I am really enjoying how the song has an empowering touch for those that have been wronged by someone and its infectious hook makes it perfect to sing along to. Courtney Paige Nelson's gorgeous vocals are packed with raw emotion and confidence soaring effortlessly over the polished production that features a highly-addictive beat, lush synths and guitars and anthemic chorus. This is one of those songs perfect to play out loud during those IDGAF moods. Check it out below!



Speaking about the track, Courtney said, 
After a terrible breakup which resulted in me finding out my ex was cheating on me with his coworker, I got extremely depressed and wrote this song telling my side of the story since I never got a chance to speak my piece. There wasn’t any closure for me so it was priority to write something that would help decompress the giant knot in my chest. I wanted to be as vulnerable as possible when writing this song, so when it’s released I felt like I was relieved instead of feeling like I should’ve been more open. There was a lot of this story that I think many can relate to as a breakup/situationship anthem. I say anthem because I want it to empower people, not make them dwell on negative emotions with whatever they are going through. There’s so many sad songs in the world, and I love me a good sad song. But this time I needed something to yell driving down the freeway with my middle finger in the air.