Anna Rose Shares New Single ‘Whatever Gets You Through The Night’

American singer, songwriter, and guitarist Anna Rose has just shared her brand new single Whatever Gets You Through The Night, an enchanting, atmospheric piece of music. 
I am really enjoying Anna Rose's effortless vocal delivery, gliding beautifully over the dreamy soundscapes. Whatever Gets You Through The Night is a song about falling in love with someone you know you can never end up with, exploring the pain of going through so much heartbreak. What I like the most about this song is its warmth and laid-back vibes with Anna Rose's gorgeous vocals being backed by an atmospheric production with expansive rhythms and a memorable guitar solo. Have a listen to this gem below!



Speaking about the song, Anna Rose said, 
Whatever Gets You Through The Night is about falling in love at first sight with someone you know you can never end up with. It’s Romeo & Juliet. It’s exquisite torture. It’s knowing that you can’t handle your heart being shattered again but being unable to stop the train that’s already moving. Questioning your ability to love at all, after so much heartbreak. Hanging on every word they say and agonizing in the wait between. Sonically, I wrote this song with my producer and friend, Paul Moak. We created so much of the soundscape during the demo process and ran my vocals through tape at that time. We couldn’t beat the way it sounded when we went in to make the album, so the majority of this recording is actually the demo.