Thunder Fox Share ‘Right Place, Wrong Time’ Music Video

Australian funk fusion five-piece band Thunder Fox have just shared the official music video for Right Place, Wrong Time, an irresistible funkadelic pop anthem.  
Right Place, Wrong Time sees its protagonist amid a debacle between sex, swagger and sensibility, a message beautifully conveyed through gorgeous vocals, funky guitars and tons of groove. Now the band have shared its captivating, official music video, directed by Emily Mays, which gives the song a cinematic touch. Check it out below!



Speaking about the video, Thunder Fox said, 
The music video for Right Place, Wrong Time came about through the genius of friend and director Emily Mays, whose take on the song's conflicting themes of love and lust was deliciously unique in its creativity.  A long time cinema buff, Em had the vision of a chase scene where our subject leads his pursuer through a myriad of movie genres, paying homage to classics such as The Matrix, Spaghetti Westerns and old school Film Noir films. The final product really triggers recognition and nostalgia as we see these iconic cinema eras recreated within the song narrative - something that was only possible through the eye and lens of Peter Danks who acted as DoP, editor and colour grader (bloody legend).
Lead singer Sam Dawes and his partner Francheska Coenraads really step up to the plate as our heroes, flexing some new found acting skills while the rest of the band makes cameos throughout, wearing some outlandish outfits that seem to have become synonymous with our videos.  As a producer and multidisciplinary at acclaimed production company Chisel (ASICS, JD Sport, Black Dog Institute), Emily was able to pull together an incredibly talented team who were able to glue all of our whacky ideas into a cohesive, quirky and fun cinematic work that we're all super proud of.