Tapwaterlucy Shares New Single ‘Speed Dial’

London-based electro-pop artist Tapwaterlucy has just shared her brand new single Speed Dial, a light drum & bass song produced by up-and-coming producer/artist Acecar. 
What I like the most about this song is its infectious energy that was just what I needed to carry on with my day. Her lovely, confident vocals soar beautifully on top of the hypersonic beat and sing about the slow-burning sensation of realising you can’t rely on your friends like you used to be able to anymore. It touches on the hurt, the acceptance and the growth that all comes with growing up and going your separate ways, and although it’s painful it’s for the best. This relatable message is wrapped around cool rhythms and catchy melodies that together create an overall warm, upbeat atmosphere perfect to get you moving in no time. Check it out below!