SYML Shares New Single ‘Believer’

SYML, the moniker of Progressive singer, songwriter, and producer Brian Fennell, has just shared his brand new single Believer, out now via Nettwerk Music.
As always, SYML delivers a captivating and enthralling piece of music that beautifully showcases his stunning vocals and songwriting abilities. Taken from his forthcoming sophomore album The Day My Father Died, out February 3rd, Believer is a song inspired by his partner in life, a celebration of love and truly trusting in your soulmate. Apart from his gorgeous vocals and unique, reverent falsetto, I am particularly fond of the live instrumentation with lush guitar riffs throughout the song being seamlessly intertwined with steady drum patterns and lush piano chords that together create an overall warm atmosphere that enhances the emotion pouring from his vocal delivery. Definitely one of those songs perfect to play during a relaxing weekend at home or out in the sun. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, SYML said, 
To be a believer in something is as pure as it gets. For me, it’s when I realized it was never a God or magical ghost, but my lover and how I fell at her feet.