Ritual Forms Share New Single ‘Down’

UK-based trio Ritual Forms have just shared their brand new single Down, a retro-infused blend of Trip-Hop and indie-electronic elements. 
I am loving the song's somewhat eerie, dark vibes that really create the perfect soundscape for Anna Marcella's siren-esque, dreamy vocals to soar. Some parts of her vocal delivery remind me a bit of Lana Del Rey and you can really feel the emotion pouring from her gorgeous voice. Down's politically-charged lyrics are backed by a retro-infused production that features a warped 90's hip-hop sample and cool textures that bring a sullen and dreamy vibe that represents both the anxious undertones many of us are feeling, along with the flow and relief of moving forward. Directed by Curtis ElVidge, the accompanying visuals for Down beautifully enhance the song's haunting atmosphere and are a pleasure to watch. Check it out below!