Qeeran Shares New Single ‘RIGHT HERE’

Malaysian-born, Melbourne-based singer, songwriter and producer Qeeran has just shared his brand new single RIGHT HERE, a chilled out piece of R&B and Soul music. 
Written, produced, mixed and mastered by Qeeran himself, RIGHT HERE is a song about feeling lost and being in a turbulent emotional landscape, but eventually finding your way and growing as a person. As soon as I heard the piano chords I knew I was going to love this song as they gently enhance the emotion pouring from his smooth, soulful vocal delivery. I am also very fond of the way the delicate piano keys contrast with the killer bass and cool rhythms throughout the song. RIGHT HERE is one of those songs I'd play during those days home alone with my thoughts, thinking about where I want to go in my life. Definitely a great song perfect for a chilled out day. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Qeeran said,
The song touches on the confusion and loss in sense of direction I was faced with consistently during the year, meeting new people and letting go of old ones as a result of this turbulent emotional landscape I was walking through for most of the 2022 year. However, and most importantly, it emphasises on the major inner growth I allowed myself to undergo and the want to stay present for others and myself.