Puma June Shares New Single ‘Holy’

Puma June, the moniker of Toronto-based multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Shanti Abbott, has just shared her brand new single Holy, a dreamy, heartfelt piece of music. 
The self-taught pianist, guitarist, and Suzuki-trained violinist, has a dreamy yet rich, experimental chamber-pop style, with a sprinkle of R&B and Holy is a beautiful example of her incredible talents. This song views vulnerability as strength, an empowering anthem dedicated to women and non-binary people searching for self-love as they rediscover their value. I am loving Puma June's rich, enchanting vocals and ethereal harmonies which soar beautifully over the captivating production that features orchestral strings seamlessly intertwined with lush guitar plucks, steady drum patterns, emotive piano chords and warm sax touches that together create quite a comforting and intimate piece of music perfect for a reflective day. Check it out below!