Nate Amor Shares New Single ‘Keep Dreaming’

Los Angeles-based, Minneapolis native singer and songwriter Nate Amor has just shared his brand new single Keep Dreaming, the title track of his new album out now via Deadrock Records. 
What I like the most about this song is its warmth and passion, with Nate Amor's gorgeous vocals soaring beautifully over the polished production. I am particularly fond of his raspy touch which enhances the emotion pouring from his vocals. Keep Dreaming is a song inspired by a breakup that was different than others he had expected. It shares how one should taken things one day at a time in order to truly heal. Apart from his vocals I am loving the lush guitar plucks and how they are paired with steady drum beats and catchy rhythms that together create an overall warm atmosphere that allows for his honest storytelling and stunning vocals to soar. Check it out below!



About the album as a whole, Nate says:
'Keep Dreaming' is special to me in that it’s part of a healing journey in recovery and in life. Songs about relapse, sobriety, codependency, love and hope. The first song I wrote from this record, “Gone”, was written after the loss of my mother to cancer, then shortly after “Beautiful” was written for my daughter. It’s a really personal deep dive and ends with the last song I wrote, the title track “Keep Dreaming” which is to say… it’s never gonna be perfect, relationship, career, anything in life… there is no perfect situation, so just accept things where they are and do your best one day at a time.