Matthew Melamed Shares Emotional New Single ‘And I’

Israeli singer-songwriter Matthew Melamed has just released his brand new single And I, an emotional song about going through a difficult breakup. 
For this song, Matthew Melamed teamed up with Ukrainian singer Lillia Kysil whose lovely vocals are nicely paired with his expressive tone. I am a sucker for piano-based songs and this one beautifully allows Matthew Melamed’s powerful storytelling to take centre stage, effortlessly capturing our attention and hearts to his relatable storytelling. Lillia's voice is such a pleasure to listen to, packed with raw, honest emotion that is enhanced by the memorable piano melodies. And I poetically conveys the pain of a failed relationship through its warm, melancholic atmosphere that I feel perfect for an introspective day home alone. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Matthew Melamed said, 
I remember sitting in front of the piano, feeling completely broken after my last breakup. But as I started to play, the words and melody for 'And I' just started pouring out of me. All of my emotions and feelings about the relationship just poured out onto the page. This song is truly personal for me, it's like my heart is laid bare for everyone to hear. It's the tale of a relationship that was toxic and ultimately ended in devastating heartbreak. I know that others who have gone through the same thing will feel understood and seen.