Marcus Man Shares New Single ‘Relegated’

British singer and songwriter Marcus Man has just shared his brand new single Relegated, a cool acoustic indie-rock song that reflects on Marcus's personal exepriences and relationships. 
What I like the most about this song is its raw energy and warmth that allows for his vocals and storytelling to soar. Relegated explores the feeling of being insecure within a relationship, while also metaphorically relating it to football. I am really enjoying Marcus's songwriting skills and how heartfelt his vocal delivery sounds, gliding beautifully over the polished indie-rock production that features killer guitar melodies, steady drums and a chorus that has quite an anthemic quality to it. This is one of those songs perfect for a chill weekend contemplating about one's life. Check it out below!



Marcus Man explains the track further, 
I found it easier to relate how I felt, to the idea of my team getting “relegated”- hence the title. I’m a West Ham fan & ironically this season really isn’t looking too good…I genuinely think this might be the first love song to bring those two concepts together & I think it works quite well- at least in my head anyway!