Lucas Mellone Shares Debut Single ‘Myself is Missing’

Brazilian singer and songwriter Lucas Mellone makes his official music introduction with the release of his debut single Myself is Missing, a calm, soothing piece of indie-folk music. 

 I am really enjoying Lucas Mellone's expressive vocals which sing about feeling that a part of us has been missing, a message I think most of us can relate to, especially the tough times we've been through during the pandemic. What I like the most about the song is its warmth and how comforting its melodies are, making it a great listen for those cold, rainy days at home. There's a dreamy side of the song that is enhanced by the delicate piano chords which are seamlessly paired with intricate acoustic guitar lines, subtle strings and electronic rhythms that together create an overall hypnotic, laid-back atmosphere! Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Lucas Mellone said, ‘Myself is Missing’ is a song I wrote on the verge of the pandemic, it’s a relief for it to finally see the daylight. It was a tough time for everybody, and still is. After so much grief and loss, I think everyone still feels that at least some part of us has been missing.