Lorelei Marcell & Hardcastle Share New Single ‘Flashbacks’

Los Angeles-based singer and songwriter Lorelei Marcell has teamed up with fellow pop star Hardcastle to deliver Flashbacks, a smooth pop song out now via World Wall Productions. 
Flashbacks is an introspective piece fit for the winter months; capturing the frustration felt when you’re trapped inside your own thoughts of glorifying past memories, giving us a glimpse into the paralysing post-breakup emotional turmoil. This relatable, personal song is beautifully conveyed through Lorelei and Hardcastle's gorgeous pop vocals and lovely harmonies which are packed with raw emotion, instantly making us feel what they are singing. I am particularly fond of the angst-driven guitar throughout the song and how it is nicely paired with infectious pop melodies that together create an overall warm, nostalgic atmosphere perfect for those cold days home alone with our thoughts. Check it out below!