Kowloon Shares New Single ‘This Dream’

American singer and songwriter Kowloon has just shared his brand new single This Dream, a warm, laid-back blend of lo-fi pop and hazy psychedelia. 
What I like the most about this song is its chilled out vibes and how it got me in a relaxed mood right after the very first listen. Kowloon's smooth vocals glide beautifully over the polished production, singing about the passing of time and seeing life slipping through our fingers. I am loving the nostalgic vibes of the song and how it features warm jazzy chords, a pulsing bass line, country-inflected telecaster runs, dusty, punchy drums and a fuzzy guitar solo over a crashing breakbeat. This is one of those songs perfect for a relaxing weekend reminiscing about the good moments in your life. Check it out below!