KEiiNO Share Dramatic New Single ‘Alt Du Kan Se’

Norwegian pop superstars KEiiNO kick off the new year with a new sound that features a blend of electronic, traditional joik and soaring vocals in both English and Norwegian. 
Entitled Alt Du Kan Se (which translates in English to ‘All You Can See’), this is one of the most progressive tracks of the trio's 26 releases so far. I am a fan of Alexandra's angelic vocals and how they are nicely paired with Fred's joik singing, gliding effortlessly over a dramatic and heavy electronic beat. The song also features lush strings and a 30 bpm tempo shift. Mixing genres and including different expressions is very much a KEiiNO trademark, but Alt Du Kan Se marks the first time Alexandra, Fred and Tom Hugo switch between singing in Norwegian, Northern Sami and English. I am loving the energy of the song and how it just makes me want to get up and dance! Have a listen to this gem below!



Speaking about the song, Tom explains: 
We, and I believe many of our fans, can relate to the feeling of being trapped in the dark on a sunny day. Fortunately, there are many everyday heroes around who can help open the curtains with their love and care, and this mood change can also be experienced in the song.