Hazlett Shares Stunning New Single ‘Hesitate’ ft. OSKA

Stockholm-based, Australian singer and songwriter Hazlett has released his brand new single Hesitate, a gorgeous song taken from his debut album, Bloom Mountain, out now via Nettwerk. 
I am a fan of Hazlett's dreamy vocals and here they sound absolutely amazing, instantly infusing the song with a warm and emotional touch. For this song, Hazlett teamed up with fellow Austrian singer OSKA, whose lush, dulcet vocals fit beautifully together with Hazlett's memorable tone, both packed with so much emotion and gliding effortlessly over the captivating production. Apart from their vocals and stunning harmonies, I am particularly fond of the intricate guitar riffs which are seamlessly intertwined with a steady beat throughout and emotive, nostalgia-infused piano chords that slowly build up in energy to match the emotion of their storytelling. I am a sucker for dreamy vocals and songs drenched with emotion, nostalgia and melancholia and Hesitate is a perfect example of that. A great song that I am definitely going to have on repeat, especially when home alone thinking about my life. You can watch the accompanying video, which was made and edited by Hazlett, below!



Speaking about the album, Hazlett said, 
I wanted to write this album differently, the songs are conversations being retold by a friend of a friend. Anytime you pass another person’s story on, you embellish certain moments because those are the moments worth retelling. Certain details get a little hazy, and some are vivid as if they happened yesterday.