Dasha Shares New Single ‘Make A Scene’

Los Angeles-based singer and songwriter Dasha has just shared her brand new single Make A Scene, a highly addictive piece of pop music taken from her debut album, Dirty Blonde, out now via Quadio Records. 
I am absolutely in love with Dasha's powerful, soulful vocals and how dynamic her vocal delivery is, effortlessly making us feel each and every single word she is singing. Make A Scene is a relatable song about wanting to show someone off to the world, oozing confidence and glamour which is enhanced by the polished, seductive production. Apart from Dasha's stunning vocals, I am particularly fond of the killer bass, soaring guitar riffs and punchy percussive elements that together create an overall warm, sensual atmosphere perfect for bedroom sessions. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Dasha said, 
I wrote Make A Scene with The Gifted in LA and I remember going home that night and I listening back to the rough day bounce but instantly knew this song would be an integral part of my debut album. I had the title/ lyric “Make A Scene” in my song ideas in my notes app for months. I pulled inspiration from the golden age of Hollywood in both production and lyrical choices. There’s something so timeless about that era that’s so inspiring to my artistry. Make A Scene is all about wanting to show someone off to the world in the most confident and glamorous way- “darling let’s make a scene”.