Chin Injeti Shares New Single ‘All for Nothing’

Canadian singer, songwriter and producer Chin Injeti has just shared his brand new single All for Nothing, a highly addictive blend of indietronica and r&b music. 
I am loving Chin Injeti's timbre and how passionate and soulful his delivery is, effortlessly enhancing the emotion of his storytelling. All for Nothing is a melancholic song fuelled by heartbreak, debating if a relationship was even worth if it spurs such intense feelings of longing and frustration. This message is wrapped around a captivating blend that fuses nostalgic 80s sounds with a modern flare that makes it quite refreshing and appealing. I am particularly fond of the bright, vintage synths, killer drum machine and a memorable guitar solo that together create a warm, soulful atmosphere perfect for a laid-back day home with one's thoughts. Check it out below!