Briana Piedra Shares New Single ‘In My Head’

Los Angeles-based songstress Briana Piedra has just shared her brand new single In My Head, a warm, laid-back piece of pop/r&b music. 
I am a fan of Briana Piedra's soulful, expressive vocals and how dynamic her delivery is, giving us both touches of strength and vulnerability. In My Head is a relatable song about an inward/outward battle between logic and emotions, a message wrapped around a captivating production that features lush harmonies, cool guitar plucks and a memorable beat. This is one of those songs perfect for bedroom sessions and to get you in a relaxed mood in no time. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Briana Piedra said,
“In My Head” is a bubbly pop song about an inward/outward battle between logic and emotions. One moment you’re falling in deep and the next you’re triggered with anxiety that takes over. In the end, sometimes it’s just easier to push people away to avoid the pain that comes from fully letting someone in. Or maybe it’s just built up fear from past trauma that keeps you trapped in your head.