Banners Shares New Single ‘In Your Universe’

Banners, the moniker of Liverpool native Michael Nelson, has just shared his brand new single In Your Universe, the latest single to be taken from his eagerly-awaited EP I Wish I Was Flawless, I'm Not, out today via Nettwerk Music. 
In Your Universe beautifully illustrates the warm and inviting texture Banners has injected into his newest EP. With its warm and tender textures and explosive crescendo, perfectly measured against his own elevated voice, he caps off this phase in his repertoire with a beautifully endearing delight. I adore his gorgeous vocals which are packed with so much soul and raw emotion that is immpossible not to feel each and every word he is singing. Apart from his passionate vocals, I am particularly fond of the soaring guitars, steady drums and the somewhat anthemic touches in the song that make for a memorable listening experience. Check it out below!




Speaking about In Your Universe, Banners says,
I think this song sounds like falling in love. The explosion of it. Feeling like the universe has created this beautiful thing for you and all you'll ever need is to be somewhere in that atmosphere.

Speaking about the new EP, he says,
I experienced the pandemic mainly on my own and I spent quite a lot of that tearing myself apart in front of the mirror. I think, during that time, everybody's trauma surfaced in unexpected ways, and this was the way my brain decided to do it. This EP is a mini celebration of me coming out the other side and being at peace with my imperfections. And being much happier because of that.