Wingtip Shares New Single ‘Mr. 29’

American singer and songwriter Wingtip has just shared his brand new single Mr. 29, an upbeat indie-pop song out now via Nettwerk Music. 
I am really enjoying the raspy touch in his vocal delivery and how it effortlessly captured my attention from start to finish. Mr. 29 is a relatable song about getting older, seeing your friends moving on with their lives while you're stuck in the same place. The song has an upbeat and positive message to just go along for the ride and try and enjoy life as best you can. This message is wrapped around a polished production that features steady drum patterns seamlessly intertwined with lush guitar plucks, cool rhythms and an infectious chorus that together create an overall upbeat, feel-good atmosphere perfect for a fun weekend. Check it out below!



Wingtip describes the single, 
I had been feeling a little burnt out and conflicted about getting older when I started writing this with Liam; I felt like my friends were off getting married and moving on with their lives and I was sort of stuck somewhere in my 20's. I'm not 29 yet but I feel it coming sort of like an iceberg in the distance. Liam and I tried writing something positive and uplifting, but in the end, we just wanted to sort of sit in the feeling, because that's what it felt like.
There's not a way out, there's not an obvious answer to time moving on, you just have to sort of grin and bear it and try and enjoy. With the production, I sort of had fun with the theme of getting older/vintage stuff and made it a bit of an homage to pop rock from the mid 1990s - vinyl scratches, acoustic guitars over breakbeats, big shouty choruses. I wanted it to feel nostalgic and adolescent all over again.