tmdistant Returns With Angsty New Single ‘fall out’

British singer-songwriter and occasional rapper tmdistant has just shared his brand new single fall out, an angsty, hard hitting track that sits somewhere between the rock and pop genres with a hint of alt-rap.  
Out now via Nü Inc. Sound, fall out beautifully showcases what I love the most about tmdistant's music: raw, honest storytelling with passionate, heartfelt vocal delivery wrapped around a high-energy production. tmdistant's vocal delivery is packed with angst and emotion and I like how these feelings are enhanced by the energetic production with its thrashing percussion, distorted guitars and anthemic chorus. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, tmdistant said,
fall out is such an emotional song for me. It’s kinda explaining in real-time me going through the motions of dealing with being gaslighted for the first time and understanding what’s happening inside of me and my mind. Overcoming those obstacles and learning from them. Shedding my previous skin and coming to a realisation of who I’ve become over the past year.This song really resembles the emotions a person can feel when they overcome toxicity and being gaslighted by themselves or someone else.