Shayan Regan Shares New Single ‘Homemade Paris [Take Two]’ feat. The Blindfold Experience

UK-based singer and songwriter Shayan Regan has just shared a new version of his single Homemade Paris [Take Two], taken from his new project A Poison With An Aftertaste, out now. 
This new version features The Blindfold Experience and is packed with so much energy that instantly gave me that boost I needed to carry on with my day. Homemade Paris [Take Two] is a song about the experiences shared with the one you love and how that love is what make us feel at home and enjoy the world with them. A beautiful love song wrapped around a high-energy indie-pop/rock production with soaring guitars, punchy drum patterns, cool strings & synths backing his passionate vocal delivery. This is one of those songs perfect for a fun weekend with the ones we love, as its uplifting, feel-good atmosphere is guaranteed to get you in a good mood in no time. Check it out below!

Speaking about the song, Shayan Regan said,
we all go places, explore. find the most beautiful of spots to spend time with the person we love, be one with them. admire the view of a city from a rooftop at sunset, feel the cold and lively breeze near a river, spend days in a lake-side cottage together but it's only the love in the air that makes these things special. the sunset has a mild glow to it, the breeze smells like lavender, and the warmth inside of the cottage is just to your liking. all because of the person who you are with and the love you share. and if that's what's needed, then why must it be out there? how about we take this evening, spin both the time and space were in on it's axis and make ourselves the city of love at home? I'll do my half, you do yours, and we'll have all the world inside these four walls, long as we have each other for the thrill that we chase once we open the door, is right here with us just need to look for it everything is here if we are here, right now. let's be right now. i wrote this song during the first lockdown after me and my beautiful partner did something similar to the events you'll hear in this song.