Rose White Shares New Single ‘Filthy Dream’

Polish-born, London-based singer/songwriter Rose White has just shared her brand new single Filthy Dream, the latest single to be taken from her upcoming EP, One Fourth Mark, set to arrive on February 24th! 
I am really enjoying the tone of her powerful vocals which are packed with confidence and soul, instantly capturing our attention from start to finish. Effortlessly fusing pop with elements of soul and funk, Rose names artists like Amy Winehouse, Sia and Joy Crookes as her main influences. Filthy Dream combines dark themes of opulence and greed with that of toxic relationships. The track was written from the perspective of a lover of a wealthy man, who starts feeling trapped in the fairytale that is endless wealth and comfort. This message is wrapped around a sultry instrumental with lush piano chords, steady drums, delicate guitar plucks and a smooth saxophone finish that together create the perfect atmosphere for her rich vocals to soar. Check it out below!



Speaking of the track, Rose says,
Recently we’ve been hearing a lot about the wealthiest men in the world. I got intrigued by the thought of what their lives must look like; filled with abundance and power. With time, I realised that ‘Filthy Dream’ is actually a song about toxic relationships. In this case the toxicity comes from money, but there are numerous other factors that can serve as red flags. This song is a gentle reminder that even though we can have passionate chemistry with someone, it doesn’t mean we won’t get hurt in a long time. True colours come out at some point.