Ray Violet Shares New Single ‘Not Ready To Love’

Ray Violet, the moniker of Columbian, Houston-based producer Esteban Puentes, has just shared his brand new single Not Ready To Love, an addictive, euphoric piece of electro-pop/Progressive House music. 
For this song, the talented producer teamed up with singer-songwriter Stephano Prunebelli, whose powerful, emotionally-charged vocals effortlessly capture the listener's attention to their relatable storytelling. Apart from Stephano's gorgeous vocals, I am very fond of the driving bassline and how it is seamlessly intertwined with cool electronics and lush synth pads that together create an overall energetic, yet melancholic, progressive-trance journey that is both radio and club ready. This is one of those songs I'd play during those moments I want to unwind after a stressful day as its infectious beat and vocals are quite hypnotic, instantly getting me in a good mood and wanting to go out and explore the world. Check it out below!