Natalie Carr Shares New Single ‘Drive’

North Carolina-based singer and songwriter Natalie Carr has just shared her brand new single Drive, a striking power ballad about a toxic relationship. 
Out now via Fourth Quarter Time, Drive is Natalie Carr's strongest effort to date, beautifully showcasing all of her vocal strengths while lacing the lyrics with searing honesty. This is a song that depicts a toxic relationship that’s based on need and dependency, creating a cocktail of confusion that resonates with almost anyone who’s been through a rough break-up. This relatable message is beautifully conveyed through Natalie's gorgeous vocals that show an impressive confidence that belies the extremely vulnerable lyrics and emotions of the song. Backing her vocals we have a polished pop production that starts off quite smoothly with an infectious beat and rhythms that slowly build up in energy with soaring guitars and punchy drums towards the end, matching the emotion of her storytelling. Drive is a memorable, emotionally-charged pop power ballad that you can check out below!



Speaking about the song, Natalie Carr said,
‘Drive’ is a fierce, emotionally charged, edgy pop power ballad. The song details the tumultuous end of a push-and-pull relationship. The dreamy piano production builds to a distorted, guitar-driven bridge with intricate vocal production throughout. I wrote “Drive” about a toxic relationship I was in— the classic “can’t live with you, can’t live without you” narrative. I wrote about avoiding my feelings in regards to the breakup because of how confusing and convoluted it was at the time. Sometimes when we process difficult and complex emotions, it feels like it’s easier to stuff them under a rug because we simply don’t know where to begin. From a vocal standpoint, I wanted to write a power ballad and use all parts of my range and different registers. My goal was to inject as much raw emotion as possible, with the climax being a fully distorted, fuzzy bridge. That’s my favorite part because you don’t totally see it coming, and it adds a ton of depth and feeling to the song. My goal was to tell a story— my favorite line is “front porch swings in paradise, I hate you but you saved my life.” I think this line is indicative of the ways toxic relationships play out. They feel like the greatest thing ever because of the intensity of emotions, but overall, they can be dangerous and soul-crushing. Titillating between love and hate is both maddening and common in these types of scenarios and I wanted to nail that on the head.