Man vs Monkey Share New Single ‘Alright’ ft. Monique Mathis & Flo Fin

Austrian DJ/producer duo Man vs Monkey have just shared their brand new single Alright, the first single to be taken from their upcoming album Monkey Moment. 
For this song, the producers teamed up with singers Flo Fin and Monique Mathis whose gorgeous, expressive vocals blend in perfectly together and just make the song stand out even more. Alright is a male-female duet that revolves around a topic that many are familiar with: Separating from a loved one to go a different path – only to find out you’re still tied after all. This relatable message is beautifully conveyed through their gorgeous vocals that are wrapped around a captivating production that starts out rather dark and melancholic but builds up to be more and more energetic. Apart from the vocals I am particularly fond of the killer, soaring guitar riffs, lush electronics and percussive elements that create an overall warm atmosphere perfect for the vocals and storytelling to soar. Check it out below!