Joshua Woo Shares New Single ‘Goodbye’

UK-based singer and songwriter Joshua Woo has just shared his brand new single Goodbye, the latest single to be taken from his new EP, Beyond The Glass, which is out now! 
I am really enjoying the tone of his voice and how expressive it sounds, beautifully conveying the emotion of his storytelling. Goodbye is a reflective piece of music about the passing of time, thinking about lost friends and your lost self. It's also an appreciation of where you are in life now and being proud of it. This gem is wrapped around a polished production that features lush electronic elements that are seamlessly intertwined with cool guitar plucks and percussive elements that together create an overall warm, laid-back atmosphere. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Joshua Woo said, 
This song is about a number of things. Overall it is a reflective song. It is about long lost friends, it's about the passing of time, it's about looking on your past self fondly and accepting and being proud of where you are now. I decided to release this song now as it also feels like saying goodbye to the year that has gone. So in a ways a new year song.