Gert Taberner Shares New Single ‘Functional’

Frankfurt-born and Vancouver-based singer, songwriter, and producer Gert Taberner has just shared his brand new single Functional, a heartfelt piece of indie-pop/folk music out now via Nettwerk Music. 
I am loving his gorgeous vocals which are packed with raw, honest emotion, effortlessly connecting me to his storytelling. Functional is a song about realising that some times people aren't meant to stick around in our lives, a story most of us can relate to. I am also very fond of the touches of melancholia in the song that just makes the song stand out even more. Backing his heartfelt vocal delivery we have a polished production that features steady drum patterns seamlessly intertwined with cool guitar plucks, subtle piano chords and captivating rhythms that together create an overall warm and intimate atmosphere. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Gert Taberner said,
Sometimes people aren’t meant to stick around. Sometimes they choose not to.  One way or another, I think that’s a lesson that we all wind up learning.