Georgia Lines Shares New Single ‘Falling’

New Zealand singer and songwriter Georgia Lines has just shared her brand new single Falling, the title track of her breathtaking acoustic EP which is out now! 
If you're into stripped-back, piano-based songs and gorgeous vocals, then you'll love Falling. This gem finds the talented artist beautifully showcasing her stunning vocals and storytelling abilities over a raw, emotionally-charged production. This 6-track EP is a gorgeous collection of songs performed by Georgia on vocals and keys, showcasing the music in its original, raw form. I am hypnotised by Georgia's soulful, heartfelt vocals which are packed with so much emotion that is guaranteed to give you the feels in no time. Georgia Lines' vocals are backed by delicate piano keys that together create quite a warm and intimate atmosphere perfect for those laid-back, reflective days home alone. Definitely one of those songs I'll play whenever I want to get in touch with my emotions and just enjoy breathtaking vocals and lush piano chords. Check it out below!



Speaking about the EP and song, Georgia Lines said, 
I wanted to create a project that reflected how my songs were originally written (on the piano) and to also capture how they have been interpreted for my live shows when I am playing solo. The songs carry a different life when played how they were originally written; with just piano.
Falling’ was one of the first songs I had written back in 2014 with a friend of mine Ryan Mulligan (previously in the band PleasePlease). I often play ‘Falling’ live in my solo sets and often have people asking where they can listen to this song. Up until now it hasn’t been released.