Eoghan Moylan Shares New Single ‘I Love It When You Lie To Me’

Irish singer, songwriter and producer Eoghan Moylan has just shared his brand new single I Love It When You Lie To Me, an infectious alt-pop/indie synth-rock tune about paranoia and struggling with the toxicity it creates in relationships. 
As soon as I heard the groovy bass guitar riffs I knew I was in for a treat. Eoghan Moylan's rich, confident vocals glide effortlessly over the polished blend of indie, synth, rock and pop elements, beautifully drawing our attention to his relatable storytelling. I am really fond of the way he captures the feeling of constantly second-guessing yourself and your partner, a feeling wrapped around feet-thumping, heart-pounding rhythms, killer guitars and drum patterns that create an overall energetic, somewhat dizzying atmosphere. Check it out below!