Coline Creuzot Shares Acoustic Version Of ‘That Feeling’

Los Angeles-based Billboard charting R&B artist Coline Creuzot, has just shared a stunning acoustic version of her latest single That Feeling, a contemporary r&b gem that chronicles Creuzot’s journey of falling out of love with someone and having the courage to set them free.  
I was already a fan of the original and this acoustic version really enhances the emotion of the song which I think you will enjoy. This version leans into the gravity of Creuzot's vocals while further developing an emotional depth to pair with the thematics of heartbreak, tenderness, and acceptance. The use of melancholic piano keyes with diluted guitar and ethereal harmonies lifts Coline’s soulful vocals to the forefront of the track, creating an air of intimacy and genuine intent. This acoustic version allows time and space for contemplative thought as Creuzot dives deep into her own subconscious with careful vocal choices and contrasting moments of both power and restraint. Check it out below!