Zach Hood Shares New Single ‘i ain’t rich, girl’

Los Angeles-based singer, songwriter and TikTok heartthrob Zach Hood has just shared his brand new single i ain't rich, girl, a high-energy pop-rock song out now via Arista Records. 
I am loving Zach's passionate vocal delivery, packed with confidence and emotion that instantly captures the listener's attention to his honest storytelling. Taken from his new EP Blossom, which is out now, i ain't rich, girl is a take on the classic Hall & Oates single Rich Girl with a modern touch that makes it quite fresh and memorable. Apart from Zach's vocals, I am particularly fond of the energy of the song which is due to its hard-hitting beat, soaring guitar riffs, punchy drums, cool rhythms and euphoric chorus that makes i ain't rich, girl quite an earworm of a song. Check out its accompanying visual below!



Speaking about the song, Zach Hood said, The story here is honestly quite wild. My manager, Jonny, had always wanted to flip a classic song, and came to me with the idea to re-make “Rich Girl” by Hall & Oates, a modern version that leans a bit more wholesome. With the help of rockstar producer, Andrew Goldstein, we left the studio with what we believed to be a song with true hit potential. In the clearance process, Daryl Hall originally said no to our version being released, so we wrote page-long letters explaining why this was so important to us. Miraculously, we got a message back saying our version was approved to be released, and that our words “spoke to” Daryl.” We love how our version can help bring some renewed attention to a classic song that our parents raised us around. That's the fun of song flips: they connect different generations of music lovers.