Vidorra Shares New Single ‘Upside Down’

Prolific UK-based singer, songwriter, and producer Vidorra is back with Upside Down, an uplifting and reflective dance track about growing and learning to move on.  
What I like the most about this song is how fun and lighthearted it sounds, yet full of angst and emotion. Upside Down depicts the internal frustrations felt when you’re not able to move on in life, a relatable message beautifully conveyed through Vidorra's expressive vocals that glide effortlessly over the euphoric radio-friendly EDM-infused production. I am very fond of the way the upbeat production contrasts with the lyrics, which gives the song a rich touch that makes it even more captivating. Overall, this is a great song to get you in a good mood and ready to dance. Check it out below!



Explaining further Vidorra says
the music is definitely about creating a vibe that was calm, yet energetic. Busy, yet full of space. It was about creating a balanced track that I felt maximised chaos and simplicity.