velours Shares New Single ‘Flowers in a Wasteland’

Canadian alt-pop singer/songwriter velours has just shared her brand new single Flowers in a Wasteland, an attitude-packed piece of music out now via N/A Records. 
Produced by multi-platinum, JUNO award-winning producer Ryan Stewart (Carly Rae Jepsen, Simple Plan, Smash Mouth), Flowers in A Wasteland is a song about finding new love and all the rush of feelings that come with it. velours was inspired by a feeling she had of the whole world crumbling around her, though still having a sparkling, vibrant love that grows, despite it all. This message is beautifully conveyed through velours' powerful, confident vocal delivery that is backed by punchy drum patterns and soaring guitars that create an overall upbeat pop-rock energy with a feel-good atmosphere. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, velours said, 
The concept, style, and song title came seamlessly, but the lyrics took a lot of figuring out. It was a challenge to find the line between creating imagery of a wasteland and the fun of being in love with someone. I also wasn’t too sure what kind of imagery to use and it wasn’t until my mom––the person who taught me everything I know about literature––suggested I re-read Lord Byron’s poem, ‘Darkness.’ I had so much fun taking from the apocalyptic imagery in the poem and contrasting that with the upbeat sound and feeling of new love.