Tommy Ashby Shares New Single ‘Lifeline’

Scottish singer and songwriter Tommy Ashby has just shared his brand new single Lifeline, a dreamy piece of indie-folk music out now via Dance To The Radio.
Taken from Tommy’s upcoming debut album Lamplighter, set for release in March 2023, Lifeline finds the Scottish artist beautifully showcasing his gift for crafting sincere and touching meditations on relationships. I am a fan of Tommy Ashby's gorgeous, wistful vocals which instantly infuse the song with a dreamy and heartwarming touch that is impossible not to fall in love with. The organic instrumentation with intricate guitars and banjo riffs seamlessly intertwined with steady percussive elements and warm rhythms, create quite a comforting atmosphere packed with emotion, making Lifeline a great song to listen to after a long stressful day or during those laid-back days with your special someone. 
Accompanying the release, Tommy Ashby has shared its gorgeous music video which was shot in Iceland by Andy Little. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Tommy Ashby said,
I‫’‬ve never lived close to the sea. Growing up in Scotland, my village was landlocked, surrounded on all sides by hills and mountains. During the pandemic I moved out of London onto the coast of Suffolk. A random choice you might think, but my girlfriend grew up here and its pull on her was strong. ‘Lifeline’ is about how one person can connect you to a place and make it mean something to you because it means something to them. Now I get so much happiness from the seabirds and seals swimming off the coast near our house. I genuinely used to find the sea scary and intimidating, probably due to many a stormy night spent in a tent with my parents on the wild west coast of Scotland. I didn’t realise it could be calming. It has a tranquillity I haven’t found anywhere else.
The ‘Lifeline’ Video was shot in Iceland by Andy Little. Iceland was incredible, around every corner was an amazing landscape, but it was the little details that made it so captivating. The abandoned fishing boats, the bright white pebbles glowing on the black beaches, the seabirds nesting in every crack and crevice of the cliffs. I see the video as a snapshot of someone’s mental state. The video contrasts the bleak foreboding present with wistful memories. The fleeting glimpses of frantic underwater panic flash through the peaceful serenity of the scene. This encapsulates the meaning of the song, that other people can give a lifeline to pull us out of dark places and help keep our heads above water.