Thunder Fox Share New Single ‘Right Place, Wrong Time’

Australian funk fusion five-piece band Thunder Fox have just shared their brand new single Right Place, Wrong Time, an irresistible piece of funkadelia that acts against its better intuition and lets lust take the reins. 
I am really enjoying the raspy vocal runs which are packed with passion and emotion, gliding beautifully over the upbeat production. Right Place, Wrong Time sees its protagonist amid a debacle between sex, swagger and sensibility, a relatable message wrapped around seductive chops, festive horns and an arousing bassline that bounce off one another as seamlessly as the chemistry between the man in question and the gorgeous Texan girl before him, as he finds himself torn between doing the right thing and patting himself on the back or crossing a line of morality that would inevitably lead to regret. If you're into funky-infused pop music with tons of groove, sensuality and upbeat, danceable melodies, then you'll love Right Place, Wrong Time. Check it out below!




Dawes had this to say about the song’s premise:
’Right Place, Wrong Time’ is a tale of the debaucherous internal monologue of a person faced with requited lust in a situation where it'd be best not to act on it. It's loosely based on a true story and attempts to capture the humorous conflict between self congratulations and regret following the right decision. What better way to deal with the cracks in our resolve than through funkadelia and pop hooks?