SYML Shares New Single ‘Better Part Of Me’ ft. Sara Watkins

SYML, the moniker of Progressive singer, songwriter, and producer Brian Fennell, has just shared his stunning new single Better Part Of Me, out now via Nettwerk Music.  
The latest track to be lifted from the Seattle musician’s second solo album The Day My Father Died, due February 3rd 2023, Better Part Of Me features singer-songwriter Sara Watkins whose lovely vocals fit beautifully together with SYML's heartfelt tone. This song finds the talented artist poking gentle fun at our preconceived notions of what marriage will be, and the revelations each day that the reality is so much better. It shares a message that love is a journey full of ups and downs and that we should do our best to be honest with ourselves and one another. I am really enjoying how their vocals are packed with raw emotion, effortlessly conveying the sweetness of their storytelling over a polished indie-folk production with intricate acoustic guitar riffs, subtle piano keys and steady drum patterns that create an overall warm and soothing atmosphere perfect for a laid-back day with someone special. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, SYML said, 
When we talk about someone being the ‘better part of me’, it’s certainly a familiar trope. For me, there is a sweetness that is appropriate and not saccharin when we think about our ‘other’. Love is certainly a journey full of conflict and challenge, and the best way to become better together is through being honest with ourselves and one another. And to have Sara Watkins join me on this song is something of a dream. Nickel Creek’s first album was a blueprint for me as I started singing and writing songs. I love her voice, and the tenderness and simplicity she brings to this song fits perfectly.”