SpaceAcre Share New Single ‘Into The Dust’

British duo SpaceAcre, consisting of Phoebe Little and Jas Scott, have just shared their brand new single Into The Dust, an intimate and stirring song taken from their upcoming new EP Chemicals. 
Out now via WTW Music, Into The Dust is a hauntingly beautiful piece of music about a breakup before Christmas, detailing the conflicting feelings of wanting to get far away from that person but at the same time not wanting them to be alone at Christmas. This relatable message is beautifully conveyed through Phoebe Little's haunting vocals and dreamy harmonies which ease us into the winter season against a swirling, gradually building musical backdrop. I am loving the emotion of this song and how warm and dreamy it sounds, being perfect for an introspective day home alone.



Speaking about the song, SpaceAcre said,
‘Into The Dust’ is an alternative Christmas post-breakup song tinged with sarcasm. It’s about the mixed and confusing emotions of wanting to get as far away from someone as possible once a relationship is over, while also still caring about them and not wanting them to be alone at Christmas. We wanted it to sound like a world in itself and to draw you into the scene as it plays out.