Sleeping Lion Share New Single ‘Winedrunk’

LA-based pop duo Sleeping Lion (Nate Flaks and Noah Longworth McGuire) have just shared their brand new single Winedrunk, a haunting, melancholic piece of music taken from their highly anticipated new EP Most Improved which is out now! 
Written about how heartbreaking it is to be far away from those you love, Winedrunk is an epic 5 minute art pop ballad featuring 100+ vocal tracks from 42 people, including artists such as Emilia Ali, Ashlynn Malia, Charlie Curtis Beard, Alex Engelberg, and London Mars. I am loving the emotion pouring from the vocals and how haunting the harmonies sound, making Winedrunk quite a memorable listening experience packed with so much emotion and touches of melancholia that instantly gave me the feels. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Sleeping Lion said,
At its core, ‘Winedrunk’ is about feeling like you don't have enough time for the people you love and how heartbreaking it is to be so far away from the ability to just do something as mundane as drinking a little too much wine with someone.