Skye Holland Shares New Single ‘Dear Anxiety,’

Canadian singer and songwriter Skye Holland has just shared her brand new single Dear Anxiety, an upbeat indie/electro-pop song out now via Toucan Cove / Prodigy Records. 
Co-written and produced by Skye Holland and Steve Kroeger, Dear Anxiety, follows someone pleading with their constant anxiety to just let them be so they can finally be at peace. I can perfectly relate to this song and I really like the way the upbeat production contrasts the lyrical content. Skye Holland's vocals are quite delicate and expressive, beautifully connecting us to her storytelling. Dear Anxiety, is a song that those who struggle with depression and anxiety can easily relate and is wrapped around a catchy indie-pop production with cool whistles throughout that are seamlessly intertwined with lush guitar plucks and percussive elements that together create an overall upbeat, feel-good atmosphere. Check it out below!