Sir Jude Shares Tender New Single ‘Secret Safe’

Australian alt-pop singer and songwriter Sir Jude has just shared her brand new single Secret Safe, a stunning gem taken from her debut album, Revelations, which is out now! 
I adore Sir Jude's enchanting vocals which are packed with so much raw emotion that instantly captures our attention to her storytelling. Secret Safe presents a message of strength to those who need it, and is wrapped around a gentle piano-based melody and hauntingly beautiful harmonies. The whole atmosphere of the song is quite comforting and soothing, feeling like a warm, loving embrace, perfect for an introspective day home alone. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Sir Jude said, “Secret Safe” acts as a moment away from the album’s distorted nature and paints an intricate and organic soundscape. Although dainty in its presentation, the song’s lyrics are strong and empowering; it is a letter to toxic masculinity and understanding relationships in their most platonic and romantic forms.’