SEETALI Shares New Single ‘Walked Away’ ft. Alana Shrives

Australian guitarist, producer and songwriter SEETALI has just shared her brand new single Walked Away, an emotional piece of electronic music. 
For this song, the talented artist teamed up with songstress Alana Shrives whose lush, passionate vocals effortlessly infuse the song with a memorable dose of emotion. I am very fond of the way the song starts quite smooth with lush piano chords setting the tone for an emotional, somewhat melancholic, listening experience. Then the song slowly builds up in pace and energy with subtle strings and dynamic percussive elements carrying the listeners into a an euphoric choir-like chorus. Her 4th offering this year, Walked Away is a hearfelt piece of indie electronic music with killer piano melodies, powerful vocals and a powerful chorus that matches the emotion of the storytelling. Check it out below!