PLEEG & Eyezic Share New Single ‘Dead Weight’

Parisian producer PLEEG teams up with American producer Eyezic to deliver their brand new single Dead Weight which is out now via Quality Goods Records. 
Dead Weight is an ever-evolving hybrid between PLEEG’s intricate and bubbly production style and Eyezic’s vast and spacey rhythm-driven touch. I am really enjoying the rich vocals which are packed with soul and effortlessly infuse a touch of emotion and confidence to the song. Apart from the vocals I am particularly fond of the groovy rhythms, pads, synths and gorgeous drop which together give the song has an overall spacey, feel-good vibe perfect for a fun weekend. Check it out below!



Reflecting on the single, Eyezic said,
Dead Weight was heavily inspired by two friends who shared a lot in common in their music styles. From the moody dark lyrics, to immediately jumping into an upbeat tempo that has you feeling great about the song itself. Working with PLEEG on the record was an absolute blast!